Set of Four 9" & Three 7" Pads

Set of Four 9" & Three 7" Pads

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Set of three 7” pantyliners and four 9” standard size pads.

Made with the following: 
++ Top layer - Organic cotton jersey in charcoal - nice and simple.
++ Centre- The absorbency core is made from Zorb 2 - containing thirsty fibres between a face and back of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton. This material absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other materials.

The 7" pantyliners come with the following absorbency:

Super Light - Simply the top jersey and absorbent backing fabric.
Light - With an added layer of bamboo towel 

Please choose from the following options for the 9" pads:
Light - One Layer of Zorb 2
Moderate - One Layer of Zorb 2 + extra piece of Zorb in centre, plus 1 layer bamboo towel.
Heavy - Two layers of Zorb 2 + extra piece of Zorb in centre

Using extra pieces not only gives you more protection but also minimises fabric waste, win win.

++ Backing - Bamboo fleece which is also absorbent and holds a good grip. 
Each pad is marked with stitching so you can tell what absorbency it is, and each order comes with a care card. 

Length: 7" (17cm) and 9" (23cm), fastened width - 2.5"
Made to order.

9" Pads:
7" Pads:
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