8" Liner Pad - Single

8" Liner Pad - Single

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These liners are ever so slightly bigger than our standard liner, and can come with either an extra layer of bamboo and organic cotton fleece, or Zorb for extra backup.

These pads are great to use for the beginning and end of your flow. Providing the perfect protection for light/spotting days for peace of mind.

Made using premium materials, these pads consist of the following:

++ Top layer - Organic cotton jersey in a selection of colours to choose from as pictured.

++ Centre- please choose from:
Light- A layer of bamboo and organic fleece - the same high quality, absorbent material than the backing fabric.

Light Plus - The absorbency core is made from Zorb 2 - containing thirsty fibres between a face and back of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton. This material absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other materials.

++ Backing - Bamboo fleece which is also absorbent and holds a good grip.

Each pad is marked with stitching so you can tell what absorbency it is, and each order comes with a care card. 

Length: 8" (20cm), fastened width - 2.5"

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