Bought a 3 pack for the first time after years of wearing tampons. Wanted to reduce my waste footprint so this was one way. They arrived quickly and fantastic quality, very well made, really beautiful.
I have to say, wearing them was a bit different - I haven’t worn anything like it for years. I will continue to use them so will get used to them. It’s a really good feeling that I’m not adding to landfill in at least one area. Now to reduce waste in the rest of my life! These should be available to girls and women all over the world, and wearing and washing them should become a really normal thing. It’s crazy how much is thrown away for the sake of a bit of blood!
— izzy - set of 3, 9" pads
These are super soft, perfect quality, very absorbent. I think even the thinnest ones would have been fine for me. And true zero waste packaging.
— Emily - Set of 3 7" pads
I love my pantyliners, they are incredibly soft and much more comfortable than disposables. They are perfect for days around your period when you want to feel protected without having to wear a bigger pad. I decided to try these pads due to the thought that goes into the materials and I am not disappointed. Thank you!
— alex - set of 3, 7" pads
I really like the feel of the pantyliners; cushiony but lightweight enough for comfort. I switch between using it with my menstrual cup and on its own when I’m feeling lazy and it doesn’t leak.
— Bridget - set of 3 7" pads
They are so well made and oh so soft . Use them for everyday comfort , wouldn’t use anything else now I have found these.
I’m very impressed with the ethics behind the pads ; not just the re-usable planet friendly side of things but also the organic skin friendly fabric and plastic free everything ....... packaging too !
— Yvonne - selection of 7" pads
Excellent quality pads that are super comfortable to wear and easy to take care. What’s nice is that the buttons are not made from plastic. Also, they come nicely packaged through the post in paper. I love the pads and would highly recommend to anyone!
— srijana - set of 3, 9" pads
I am so happy I tried these, the difference having organic fabric between your legs makes is remarkable, I will be buying more!
— toni - set of 3, 9" pads
Got the pads today and I love them, thank you ever so much for making them and doing what you do for women and the planet.
— Molly - Set of 7" and 9" pads
I really love these! Great way to try different absorbencies with the pack of three. So soft and comfortable. I’ll never go back to disposables now! Will be ordering more, highly recommended :)
— Helen - Pack of 3, 9" pads
These are really beautifully made and are a great addition to any aspiring low-impacters collection. A Very different experience to wearing the disposable pads - far more comfortable and much nicer!
— kim - set of 3, 7" pads
Very soft and comfortable to wear daily and wash well. I spent a lot of time trying organic and plastic free reusable pads and these were the best choice for me! I’d highly recommend if you thinking about switching to disposables.
— kate - set of 7" and 9" pads