frequently asked q’s

Where/how are they made?

Our products are all hand made and finished in Bristol and made to order. Basic elements are cut ready to sew to your hearts desire! This means we cut down on waste which works towards our zero waste initiative. All off cuts (even the tiny bits!) are saved for further use.

What materials do you use?

Top Layer:

All top layers are made with quality organic cotton jersey. They are free from harsh chemicals, printed fabrics are fairtrade and they are all super soft!

Absorbent layers:

The absorbent layers we use are Zorb 2 and bamboo towel. Zorb 2 is 70% bamboo 30% organic cotton and contains thirsty fibres that absorbs 10 x its weight in moisture at rates nearly 20 x faster than normal cotton, bamboo and hemp. This material is made for the use of reusable pads and nappies. With this material there is no need for a PUL layer, a fabric commonly seen in cloth pads. (PUL is made of a thin polyester fabric which is has a cling film like polyurethane layer bonded to the back.) Zorb 2 does contain polyester fibres along with the organic cotton and bamboo - we have considered the use of this fabric and we feel the benefits of using it massively outweigh the other options of disposable menstrual products. And with the right care, our pads will last you for years to come.


A natural quality fleece made with 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Bamboo fleece has antibacterial properties, is breathable, soft and also super absorbent.

All pads are sewn using organic cotton thread. We don’t put brand labels on our pads - we feel this is a waste of energy and materials manufacturing something that is essentially….useless. Less fuss = a happier mother Earth. After all, the pads aren’t about us, they’re about a healthier you and a healthier Earth!

Why do you use these materials?

The whole purpose of cloth pads is to get away from plastic pollution, chemical and pesticide pollution, waste and products that are bad for our health. That is why we use carefully considered fabrics to ensure the longevity of our product. We want to make pads appealing to all women, and to do that we believe that using the right materials and ethics goes a long way. 

Our ethos with sourcing fabrics is that their production must be ethical and have a low environmental impact. We don't have hundreds of patterns and styles, but that is because our fabrics are chosen with more in mind then just aesthetics. 

Supporting organic and sustainable farming means that farmers and people in the fabric industry aren't exposed to dangerous chemicals that have been proven to cause serious health problems. It enables farmers to grow their own food, resulting in reducing poverty. Organic farming promotes healthy soil and wildlife - while giving us a healthy to use end product. Win win! (oh.....did we mention how comfy the pads are too?!)

The fastening is a rust proof nickel free popper. No plastic in sight! 

WHich pads are best for me?

Here at oFlo, it is hard for us to tell you what you'll need, only you know your period! You could start off by measuring any of your disposable pads you may still have and compare the sizes to what we offer. Each product will have a description for the level of absorption to choose from. We would recommend trying one or two to start with and see how you get on. 

7” pads are most like pantyliners, while the 9” pads are a standard size when compared to disposables. We also offer 12” pads, great for heavy flow, night time and postpartum.


WHich pads are best to use with a menstrual cup?

We love the 7" liners for this! They are great for that extra protection on heavy days in case of leaks. They are also work well for the beginning and end of your period when you don't necessarily need to use a cup. Some of our customers choose a few 7" and a few light 9" (for night time) pads for this kind of use. Liners are also great for everyday use.

How do I wear them?

Simply fold the wings round your underwear and fasten with the popper. They are made to wear coloured side next to your skin. However, the pads can be worn both ways, so if you prefer the feel of the bamboo and organic cotton fleece on the back - go for it! It is best to wear underwear that is a bit snug to help the pad stay in place. One wing is bigger than the other to minimise bulk when wearing.

How can i tell which pads are what ABSORBENCY?

We add lines of stitching on the back of the wings so you can tell them apart:

7” liners: Super Light = no line. Light = 1 line
9” pads: Light = no line, Moderate = 1 line, Heavy = 2 lines
12” pads - Moderate = 1 line, Heavy = 2 lines

How do I wash my pads?

It is important to take good care of your pads. The more care taken, the even longer they'll last!

If you can, rinse your pads as soon as you can after use and lightly wash using a plain, castile soap by hand. Alternatively you can soak them, but not for too long. This is to get the majority of menstrual fluids washed out the pad. You can then place the pads in a normal machine wash, ideally in a delicate wash bag. Please do not use fabric softener! This will effect the absorbent layers of fabric over time. Also avoid any detergents with harsh chemicals. 

Please ensure pads are completely dry before storing - and hey presto, they’re ready again!

What about when i’m out and about?

Great question! It is a big change using reusables…we recommend getting a small wash bag that you can pop any used pads in until you get home. If possible, give your pad a rinse straight away to reduce staining. We are working on making some eco friendly, plastic free wash bags - watch this space!

What about when i wear leggings? How thick are the pads?

Yep…we’ve had this question a few times so we thought it is worth mentioning - pads can’t be seen through leggings! The pads are around 4/5mm thick, at the most! We recommend wearing the pads with a good fitting pair of pants to ensure the pads stay in place.


We use no plastic packaging. We use recycled envelopes, tissue paper and paper tape. Simple! Every order is sent signed for or tracked via Royal Mail.
Printed order forms are not sent out with orders in order to save on paper. If you would like one for any reason, just let us know - or we can email a copy.

Any other questions?

Head to the contact page to ask us any other questions you may have, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can email